Thursday, November 5, 2009


Has it really been three days since I last posted?

Sorry about that- life got busy. Apparently taking two weeks off during the school year wasn't my brightest idea (but so worth it). I'm just working triple time to catch up now! It also doesn't help that I've been sick for the last two days.

I'm STILL anxiously awaiting my professional wedding pictures and/or video. I know that it will be at least another two weeks, but I'm dying to see more pictures. My family etc. have yet to send me any pictures and I've exhausted the 100 or so that were posted on facebook. =]

In the meantime, I'll answer some questions:

Blogger hotpants™ said...

What was your first dance song?
Although it's been done before and isn't entirely original, we went with Rascal Flatts', God Bless the Broken Road. We are so glad that we did because at the end of the day it was the perfect choice.

Blogger Duchess said...

What song did you use for the daddy/daughter dance?
This song has also been done before, but we just loved it so much. We used Heartland's, I Loved her First. It was a special moment!

We have a super busy weekend ahead of us (we get to go to a wedding), but I'll try to move on to the honeymoon recap soon!

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