Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cards

My husband has this weird thing about Christmas cards with pictures on/in them.
He thinks that the people that send them are narcissistic, or full of themselves or something.
He actually told me that he and his family grew up making fun of and laughing at people who sent out Christmas cards with pictures on them.
He knows that if we send them, his family will harass us too.
My family, who is far less sophisticated (obviously =), would take the pictures out of the Christmas cards after Christmas, and would display them on the fridge all year.  I loved having a yearly record of our cousins, close family, friends, etc.  I love seeing pictures of the kids I babysat 15 years ago, now as young adults.  I'd be willing to bet that we've saved at least 90% of them in an album somewhere. 
That brings me to us.
We just got married- we have 550 gorgeous wedding pictures and 200 fantastic honeymoon pictures that I'd love to use on a Christmas card. 
Do we need to send a picture of ourselves every year?  No-- and I totally get that.  Maybe when something big happens and/or when we have kids etc. 
However, we just had a huge, life-changing life event.  I don't think would hurt to send out a Christmas card with our wedding photos on them. 
.....I think that this may turn into marital fight #1 =)   Either that, or I'll just go and design our cards myself and I'll tell him about them after they arrive.
Seriously, weigh in?
Are you like me and my family or my husband and his family?


Melissa said...

We sent out a card with a wedding picture on it. I love photo cards!

KiraAJ said...

Ahhh my husband and i had this debate when we first got married! My family didnt do it actually no one in my friends and family back home in australia did it, id seen it in american christmas movies growing up and just thought it was a movie thing! We didnt do it the first few yrs our our marriage but as our son got older we started doing a xmas greeting card :) last yr i made our own it had a family picture of us and then off to the side were our furr babies :) this yr we will b sending out another picture greeting card :D

Sherrie said...

I've been sending out Christmas photo cards since our first little one was born in 2003. It usually just has the kids though...I could care less if people know what i look like over the years, but my boys...yeah, I'm sure they want to see them. :)

I also include the dreaded family newsletter. LOL! But -- this year I'm sending out a funny one, rather than the serious one. :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know sends cards out with either a pic of the whole family or pics of their kids.

Brook said...

Pictures are a THOUSAND times better than newsletters. I have family members that send newsletter out every year and they are ridiculous! A couple of years ago, my cousin said his five year old was learning Japanese and taking sky diving lessons. *eye roll*

I vote for picture.

Anonymous said...

I used to think the way he does, but then I got to thinking...people spend more time on those cards that have their pictures on them. I LOVE photos, and I'd much rather get one from my friends who just got married. I don't get to take pictures with them nearly as much as I'd like, so to me, it makes me appreciate the card more. Not saying that the card from the person who chose not to use a picture doesn't mean as much to me, but I get to see those people's faces that did use one!

I don't think I made any sense just then.

Anyway, we chose a picture with our dog and us. I really wanted to use the picture of the snowmen we made to look like us last year, but the hubby said no. LOL.

Just Add Walter said...

oh my husband does not even weigh in on this subject at all -- I will have my photo Christmas card no matter how bad he tries to reject the idea!! haha!

Darth Mama said...

I have to say that I'm more of a "John" on this.
Not saying that I don't apprectiate the photo card, but I don't save them. They go straight into the bin with the rest when Christmas is over. So I feel like, "what's the point". And I feel so bad tossing people's pictures, that is why I don't like getting them I guess. I hate throwing them out, but I also don't want to end up with a giant mound of photo Christmas cards in 20 years.

Unknown said...

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prashant said...

I know sends cards out with either a pic of the whole family or pics of their kids.

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