Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Decor

I'm usually not a big holiday decorator. I go all out for Halloween, but I usually think a tree is sufficient for Christmas.

All that changed this year-- I've married a Christmas decorating fanatic and he's turned me on to the idea of red and green.

Although I have not gone Christmas decorating crazy, yet (give it a few years)-- we did add a few things to our rotation this year. The fact that we hosted a Christmas party on December 11th further motivated me to get off my butt and to get decorating.

The banister up the stairs. Ooh, Ahh.

Our lights-- I love filling them up with fun stuff. This year, we've got red, green, and silver glitter balls. (BTW, I certainly rearranged the seam on that lamp after taking this picture).

Our stockings, which were made my John's mom. The cat stocking cracks me up and John picked out the pattern. My mother-in-law gave me these at my bridal shower.

Just a little something we have on our bookcase. Next to our wedding pictures of course. =]

If you sent us a Christmas card, we've got it right there in the kitchen.

Do you spot the nativity scene in our China Cabinet- that was a wedding gift.


KiraAJ said...

luv luv luv ur guys stockings! the decorations were just enough i reckon :) specially for ur first xmas as a married couple u did well :)

Patty Ann said...

I was out of town the entire month of Dec. and didn't get to decorate but I'm all over that next year.