Sunday, December 27, 2009

O' Christmas Tree!

Yeah, Yeah, Christmas is over and I'm just now showing you our tree.

So sue me, I was busy.

Plus, everyone loves Christmas and I'm all for extending the season.

(also-- blogger is annoying me and it's uploading my photos backwards. Sorry)

My favorite accessory and the resident cuddle-bug-- SAGE...

The tree after we finished decorating.

I really got into trimming the tree this year...

I'm five feet, five but I look like a dwarf compared to the tree my husband picked out.

Here I am stringing the lights!

This was the first year since living with my parents that I have had a real tree. We figured that our since we're living in our first home, during our first year of marriage, we need our first real tree. It's been a year full of firsts and we're enjoying every minute of it (hence the slow blogging)!