Monday, January 4, 2010


It's me again.
That pencil looks appealing for eye poking.
1:45 pm. Is that all?
Why can't my weekends and evenings ever drag by so slowly?
I want to go home.
My husband is at home watching a movie. No fair.  I tried to text him and he told me he couldn't talk. he's too busy watching a movie.  Husband obviously forgot that I can be bitchy when I'm bored.
I'm still bored and tired.
He went to a funeral today for his great aunt.  He told me that I should go to work instead.  Now he's relaxing at home.
It's ALMOST quitting time.
but crap, I have a doctors appointment immediately after work AND need to go grocery shopping.
I miss vacation.

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Mrs. S. said...

I miss vacation, too!