Monday, January 4, 2010

The Bachelor- Jake, Episode 1, Part 2

The Bachelor, Cont.

9:00 pm. Channy thinks that Jake needs Cambodian fever. I predict that this isn't going to go well.

9:01pm. Channy just said, "Jake, you can land your plane on my landing strip, anytime." Hmm, does she know what that means? Yikes.

9:02pm. I'm not feeling Ella. She reminds me of one of those people that worship elves and fairies.

9:03pm. Ashley from Pittsburgh is annoying me. Probably because I'm Ashley and I'm from Pittsburgh. My hair is real though. Her weave/wig/whatever isn't even the same length or color of her natural hair.

9:04pm. Ashley from Pittsburgh (not me) just changed into a skanky stewardess outfit. Did you know she's a teacher? Remind me not to send my kids to that school.

9:13pm. Apparently Kathryn is SO hot, she needs to wear a fake engagement ring to fend off the men. Right.

9:15pm. Ahh, here's the first drama queen. FINALLY. Hello, Michelle. Way to lay it out there.

9:18pm. Look who's here. Jillian and her loser boyfriend, Ed. After all this time, I still think that Ed sucks. At least he's covering his thighs in this episode.

9:26pm. Jillian and Ed are such a BIG help. They've developed some really great (not) questions.

9:31pm. Tenley gets the 1st impression rose. I saw that coming and she seems right up his alley.

9:45pm. I thought that we were going to see some drama! Where's the chick making out with the sound guy?

9:46pm. He's cute, but he's kind of a goober.

Who's in--
Ella (I love fairies)
Elizabeth (pretty but the fakest boobs)
Ali (she's cute)
Vienna (umm no, she reminds me of the crazy chick from the Bachelor Paris)
Christina (cute dress)
Gia (are you kidding?)
Ashley from Pittsburgh
Rozlyn (he's going downhill fast)
Jessie (she has red eyeballs, perhaps she's a vampire?)
Corey (she looks like Vanna White)
Alicia (wow, we are not on the same page tonight)
Ashleigh from Maryland (Ms. Skanky Dress)
Kathryn (hmmm, I did not see that coming)
Michelle (is he crazy?!?!?!?!)

I'm sad that the girl in the girl in the green dress (Emily) is out. She was cute. He kept the train wrecks and got rid of the cute girls.

Jake, I now know why you can't get past the first date. You sent all the winners home.