Monday, January 4, 2010

The Bachelor: Jake, Episode 1, Part 1

It's finally time for the bachelor to return to ABC.

You know it's been too long when I've started watching Designers Challenge on HGTV to get my Chris Harrison fix.

First, Jake- wear more blue. In fact, you look almost as hot as my husband when you wear blue (yes honey, that's for you).

Secondly, Jake looks like my Doctor Daddy (aka, Travis Stork- the hottest bachelor ever, IMHO). Jake, this should be good news for you.

Okay, moving on to the episode.

8:05 pm. Jake on a motorcycle watching an airplane and a sunset. I DO NOT like how ABC is trying to toughen up his image. We all know he's to sweet for leather and motorcycles.

8:06 pm. Chris, I hear your voice- when are you going to show your sweet little face?

8:09 pm. FINALLY, Chris, I've missed you. I'm not sure about your skinny tie, though. Please change it.

8:11 pm. Alexa, the girl who likes to feel the motorcycle between her legs. Go home. Anyone who mentions the word orgasm during their first 3 seconds on national T.V. is too corrupt for sweet Jake. Buh-Bye.

8:12 pm. Since when did they start interviewing the chicks like this? I don't remember this?!?!?!
8:14 pm. What is up with the names of these chicks? If the next one is Twinkie, I may need to turn this show off.



Finally, an Ashley. Now that's a good name.

8:15 pm. Elizabeth- you are hot but your boobs are SO fake. There are at least 6 inches between the right one and the left one.

8:23 pm. Who picked out these ties? Gag me.

8:24 pm. Jake, thank-you for revving your moped up to the mansion. That has knocked your hotness down from 100 to 99. I'm surprised that giant helmet kept your hair looking so fine.

8:26 pm. Okay, fine. The cute dimples bring you back up to 100.

8:36 pm. He's still meeting the ladies. Is it just me or are these dresses crazy, colorful and a lil' skanky?

8:48 pm. They are still introducing themselves. I'm not obsessed with any of them yet.

8:58 pm. My first impressions-- Gia, no- she's a train wreck. Alli is probably one of my favorites so far.


Anonymous said...

Who was the chick with the crazy-purply dress? I wasn't too sure what I thought about that one!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch anymore, but enjoy reading everyone's updates.