Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bachelor: Jake, Episode 3

Chris Harrison starts the show off with the date card! Let me tell you, these ladies look rough in the morning. Must have been some hard core cocktail partying last night.

Vienna gets the first date. She cries. Michelle calls her ugly. Apparently none of the other girls like Vienna. At least she dressed appropriately for her date. She's the first to accomplish that task.

Their one-on-one date sucks. Who wants to have a panic attack on their second date? Hanging from a bungee cord? Not my idea of a good date. The night goes on and it looks like they're hitting it off quite well. So well, that she got the rose. The ladies are going to be pissed.

What do you know, they are pissed. Talk about foreshadowing. Alli is SO shocked that she came home at all.

Next up, the group date. Michelle runs up and molests him. Jake takes the girls to a comedy club and they find out that they will be doing stand up comedy for an audience. The girls aren't that funny, but it's a good effort. I couldn't do it.

Tenley finally shares about her ex-husband and Jake appears to be supportive of her. It has to be a hard story to tell. Ashleigh (why weren't my parents that creative?) talked shit about Vienna during her one-on-one time with Jake. Next, Ali throws Vienna under the bus. I'm not the biggest Vienna fan, but I haven't seen her do anything bitchy on the show-- I'm so confused. Michelle and Jake have their one-on-one time next. She's awkward and tells Jake about how she wants/needs a husband. Then she kisses him and disses him about it. Michelle threatens to leave (hoping he'll tell her to stay), but he kicks her to the curb.

Next, the girls face off with Vienna and gang up on her at the house. Vienna comes out to apologize about how she acted after her date and some of the girls forgive her. Ali, who is swiftly moving down a few notches from my favorite, tells her that she wasn't mad that another girl got the date, she was just mad that someone as trashy as Vienna got the date.

It's time for Ella's one-on-one date! Jake's taking her to seaworld, which is perfect-- Ella loves dolphins! ha. Jake surprises Ella with her son. I'm sure he'll be a fun addition to their first date. I think that Ella changed her outfit at least 10 times on this date. The editing is obviously all whack since she's in a different outfit in every scene. Things seem to be going well for the two of them-- which confuses me because Reality Steve assured us that she was going home after this date. Woah, he gave her a rose and they kiss!

Now, we're moving on to the rose ceremony cocktail hour. First, he talks with Elizabeth. She's all about leading him on. Jake calls her out on her little games and calls her confusing. I think she's a bit of a pain in the ass. It's obvious why she's single. While Elizabeth is off being a cock tease, Vienna asks to speak with him to clear things up. The girls hate her again because they wanted one-on-one time too. Ali, who gets bitchier by the second, tells her that she shouldn't have taken alone time from the other girls. Vienna informs her that they have all night and that they will all get alone time before the end of the night.

Elizabeth continues to freak out. Hello, she could get a guy any day of the week! Riiiiiiiiiight, and that's why you're on a reality show trying to find love.

This was the shortest cocktail hour ever. Jake is emotionally drained and it's obvious.

So who's staying..........

Gia- has she even talked to Jake?
Corrie- cuuuuute dress
Tenley- another cuuuute dress
Ali- cuuuute dress, but she was a biatch in this episode
Jessie- does she speak either?
Kathryn- the third mute of the bunch
Ashleigh- she's SHOCKED!

So who's going home.......

Elizabeth- the tease
Lavisha, Valisha- or whatever he name is

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A Wedding Story said...

You are so right! I thought Ali was mean to Michelle and Vienna. I'm not so about her anymore, she's snobby. I actually know who wins from but do not go unless you want a spoiler! I'm glad Elizabeth went home. Did you notice she looks a lot older than 29? Probably from the tanning bed! Yikes!