Monday, January 4, 2010

Cry Me A River

The WORST part about vacation is coming back to work.
Oh, it is painful.... in SO bad.
I've had back-to-work-related insomnia for the past two nights.
Literally, I've been up for hours on end and hourly both.freakin'.nights.
at least it better be back-to-work-related insomnia.
This girl can usually sleep like a champ. 
please let it be back-to-work-related insomnia and not old-age-insomnia or regular-insomnia or this-is-going-to-happen-every-night-now insomnia. 
Did you know that I can barely survive and function with 8 hours of sleep?
must stay up for the bachelor tonight. how the hell will I function with a child?
Let me add that my Monday school draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags.  Now I'm not going to complain,
except for right now, when i'm complaining
because it's usually a welcome break to have a school without any problems at least one day a week.  I can catch up on emails and reports.  I can relax. However, on a Monday back from break --- when you have nothing to do-- and have had an hour or so of sleep-- It's SUCKTASTIC.
I've been here for two hours and it feels like a century

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