Sunday, January 10, 2010

I THINK that I'll take that as a compliment!?!?

On Friday afternoon, I stopped home before getting my hair did.

Someone knocked at the door, so I went to answer it (I was hoping it was UPS or someone equally as fun) but it was Sears. They were looking to sell me a new door, siding, or windows.

They asked me to look at the list and to tell them which item I would be most likely to purchase from them.

I immediately said, "No, thank you" because lets be realistic-- It's about 2 degrees out and I'm not down with standing on front stoop picking out home improvements that I cannot afford.

As I went to shut the door, the salesman and his partner (who looked about 18 himself) told me to let my parents know that they stopped by and to ask my parents to keep them in mind when they decide to do any home improvements.

My parents?

I own this house, fools. and p.s., I'm 28.

I get this a lot.

80% of people think I'm 10 years old and the other 20% think that I look 80 years old. Can't I just look like I'm in my twenties for once?


Darth Mama said...

If it is any consolation, you look like you're in your twenties to me...

Just Add Walter said...

awww... I think it should definitely be taken as a compliment!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe dude was trying to test the waters...thought he might could get a date!

I've had a lady at the doctor's office ask me if my dad needed to get his parking deck ticket stamped. Fool...I DROVE here! I'm 24!

Hey...we'll look young when we're old! :)