Monday, January 25, 2010

Over It.

I'm so over coming up with dinner ideas everynight.

Hit me with your favorites,

pretty please!


KiraAJ said...

I made a simple soup sunday nite not sure how it would work on ur diet and stuff but theres plenty of ideas on my blog :) u can always adpt the recipes to meet ur needs! :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite meal during this time of year is Baked Chicken and Rice! It's a one-pan meal, which I love. If you're interested, let me know. I give you the recipe.

Sherrie said...

I just made beef chimichangas tonight...LOVE them. Granted, they are time consuming, but we love them. Not to mention they freeze well! And I love taco soup. Holler back if you want recipes!

Alicia said...

I hate coming up with dinner ideas every night, too! SO I actually planned out dinner for the next two weeks and went grocery shopping for it all. Seriously, one of the best things I've ever done for my sanity! Just throwing that out there... :)
(We pretty much rotate 10-15 of our favorite meals). Favorites are from the slow cooker, so I can actually start it in the morning when I actually have an ounce of energy! Chicken & Salsa, chicken and BBQ, Salmon, Tacos, Miso Soup, Chili and Rice, Beef Stew... to name a few! (didn't mean to rhyme).