Thursday, January 21, 2010

WWW Week 2


I was super nervous about weighing in this week.

a). I had a long weekend. Long weekend = more time to eat.

I love long weekends. In fact, I live for the weekend. However, my husband, who is not on a diet, likes to eat (shall I say) well on the weekends. I didn't gain 20 pounds for nothing- I owe it to my husband's longing for Chipotle, Mexican, pizza, chicken nuggets and such. I can't blame him entirely, I put the stuff in my mouth because lets face it-- who can resist Chipotle? He just came up with the idea.

Eating during the week is so much easier. I have a 2-3 point breakfast (usually a special K bar or special K cereal -dry, I don't do milk), a 6 point lunch (usually 2 point pretzels, 4 point sandwich, 0 point fruit/veggie), and a 1 point snack (ff popcorn, vitatop, 100 cal pack). Even with all that food -- and it's a lot-- I have 14 points left for dinner/dessert.

The points never seem to go as far on the weekends. I don't know what it is, but I'm usually 10 points deep by 11am.

b). The husband and I had an incredibly fun long weekend together, which included a lot of romance, a lot of dates, and a lot of naughty foods. In fact- we had Chinese on Friday, homemade pizzas on Saturday and steak, potatoes and shrimp on Sunday.

Now, I was smart about eating out. I ordered steamed veggie dumplings (2-3 pts), chicken with veggies (5pts) and I measured out my rice so it was a step up from my usual General Tso's chicken. That being said, it tasted just as good, if not better.

Regardless, I went over my points and I went over my flex points.

And now.. for the moment you've all been waiting for.....

despite a) & b), I still lost some weight!!!

*happy dance*

1.6 pounds to be exact.

Pounds lost: -1.6
Pounds left: 16.4
Ultimate Goal: -20