Monday, February 22, 2010

Do Fifth Grade Girls Really Talk like that?

Yes, yes they do.
I just tested one of the fifty million kajillion kids on my testing list.  As I was walking her back to class, she saw one of her friends in the hallway.  The follow conversation happened next.....
Girl A: Yo, Caroline, what's up dawg?
Girl B: Yo, what up Katie.  How's it hangin'?
Girl A: Yo, is that your class in gym?
Girl B: Ya girl, that's my class.  Where you been?
Girl A: Oh SNIZZAP- I missed gym class. I'm like SO late for band now. Where my flute at?
Girl B: Oh girl, you better get your hustle on.  TTYL!!!!!!
Girl A: K, TTYL too!
Thank god I don't have a fifth grade girl at home.