Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Having a Baby?

No, not me.

But I think I'm the only one left that is not having a baby. I swear, every other person that I know is knocked up (or if you're easily offended), with child.

I'm a normal newlywed. I want a baby too. However, I want one last exotic vacation with my husband a lot more than I want to sleep in two hour increments.

I'm putting us on the one year plan.

I'll force my husband to take me to St. Lucia (and yes, we're going to plan this around Jake and Vienna/Tenley's honeymoon) for our one year anniversary-moon and then I'm ready to rock and roll.

Do all you pregnant people (and I know there are a lot of you) have any advice for someone that's about a yearish out? Should I really, Take Charge of My Fertility (as my friend Amanda recommends) now or can I wait awhile?

In the meantime, I'll ooh and ahh over your babies while soaking up my last year of....

- sleeping until 10am with my husband
- random weekends away
- leaving town on a moments notice
- dates
- exotic vacations
- alcohol
- white home decor


Lis said...

Oh my gosh hun no!! WAIT!!! Wait until it hurts not to hold a little baby in your arms... unless you hit like 40 then maybe that advice doesn't work. But you know what I mean. You're still so young and a newlywed - enjoy this time together! I'm so glad that we waited to get pregnant. I'm SO ready for it now and I know even a year ago - it wouldn't be this magical experience that it is now!
Everyone is different - but we are going on our fourth wedding anniversary this summer (and um our 12th year since we started dating... we're high school sweethearts) and I have to say that this is the right time for us. Seriously - people will say all sorts of craziness to you. Just know that when the time is right - you and your hubby will know!! :) xoxo

Melissa said...

We're going to be trying for a baby near our one year anniversary, which is this summer. I don't think you really need to worry about reading "Taking Charge Of Your Fertility" which I own and am currently reading, until you're a few months away from when you want to try.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Here in the south, it's very common for ladies to get married right out of college, and then get pregnant right away. That is definitely not me! I say wait until you know you're ready!

Anonymous said...

We'll be married just over a year when our baby is born. We definitely wanted to make it past a year. Right before we hit our two year, we "stopped preventing"... It took about 10 months to get pregnant. If you're young, take your time and DON'T STRESS ABOUT IT. If you're older, start tracking ovulation.

Jennifer said...

WAIT!!!!! While I wouldn't trade anything in the world for my two precious babies...I do wish that we had gone on more vacations and enjoyed more time with just us before we had children. I got pregnant a year and 3 months after we got married and had Kayla 2 days after our 2 year anniversary. I had just finished graduate school that May and we hadn't really had time to enjoy each other much and that is one of our biggest regrets. Oh...and I went off of birth control pills and didn't even have another period before I was pregnant with Kayla so you never know how fast it will be:)

Alissa said...

I completely relate with this post. I know how it is seeing babies all over the place. But I'm with you I want to go to St. Lucia too and enjoy being a newlywed first. Then we can get to the baby talk.