Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost My Groove

Thanks to snow storm #1 and snow storm #2, the kids had like a trillion days off of school (or 7) over the past two weeks.
It makes it really hard to get back into my groove.
Because I missed two weeks of school with kids, I have a trillion kids that need an IQ test done- like yesterday.
Maryland is one of the suckier states in the Union because it requires that we follow a 60 calender day timeline when it comes to assessments.  If they cared about my psychological well being, they would change that to 60 SCHOOL DAYS (as it is in other, smarter states) because it's not my fault Maryland decided to become all New England on our asses this winter.
Yesterday, I tested 2 kids.  It may not sound like a lot, but I'm a school psychologist.  I never work with the kids that are "easy" to test -- otherwise, they wouldn't require a school psychologist.  Generally, my kids are nonverbal or lack language skills, they have weird perceptual things going on, they have ants in their pants, or are defiant.  My kid yesterday asked me no less than 55 times if we could stop testing.  He was over it.  Sorry buddy, time lines rule my life and you're due next week. 
Today, I have about 6 kids that need testing on my list and I'm not in the mood.  I miss staying home in my pajamas.    

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Jackie said...

i hear ya! we had kids yesterday and today but i have yet to test any of the million kids i need to test because we had 2309572309 meetings we had to make up. lame!