Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Blows!

I'm here with the same blog post that all of my mid-Atlantic friends have had over the last few days. :)

Snow, Snow, and more Snow.

My husband took this picture a little more than halfway through the storm. I have no idea how much we really got after all was said and done, but it was a lot.

The snow started on Friday at about 12pm and it continued through Saturday evening. This picture was taken at about 11am on Saturday morning. I was already knee deep and we had about 6 hours of storm left.

Notice a kitty anywhere?

As of Sunday, we were still snowed in and the plows were no where to be seen. We had to cancel our Superbowl party because all of the empty parking spots were filled with mountains of snow (a result of 15 families digging their cars out).

There's the husband attempting to dig out our front walk. My car is parked right there-- you know, the red one. ha.

We had no school today and there is no school tomorrow. The roads are still in terrible shape and (dum, dum, dum) we're due to get 10-12 more inches tomorrow. Ugh, I have no idea where all of this snow is going to go.
Didn't I leave Massachusetts for a reason?


A Wedding Story said...

Bring on the spring, I am so over this VA snow!!! Ya'll got a lot of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. And I thought our snow was bad. It's hasn't been too bad this time around, except everything that was wet and slushy yesterday froze over night, so we now have ice under the snow.

Bethany said...

I know, I left MA for the same reason and really, we're getting more than they have! It's crazy!