Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite travel destination spot?

The carribean. I am one of those people that feels a vacation should be a vacation. No running around, no dashing out to catch every single sight, no guilt about missing the latest exhibit in Paris, no waking up at 7am to hop on the tour bus. That's work, I like vacations where I can relax. My idea travel destination includes the following:
1 lounge chair
2 good books
a beach or pool
bottomless frozen drinks
carribean music playing
soft ocean breezes

2. Cats vs. Dogs

If you asked me three years ago, I'd say that I were a dog person. Now, I can take em or leave em, but I couldn't live without my two kitties. They are the best. My cats know when I'm sad, they know when I need to cuddle, and Sage even catches and retrieves her toys.

3. Do you believe in fate?

I think that I do. I think that a lot of the things that have happened in my life were a direct result of a little hard work and a little fate. For example- moving to Maryland. Why the heck would I move to Maryland? Everytime I drove through Maryland, I thought it was a dump (I happened to always stop at the most ghetto exits off of I-95- I didn't know any better) and I had no ties, no family and certainly no friends in Maryland. It had to have been fate.

4. Do you believe in karma?

I don't want to, but it happens all the time. Everytime I think about doing something that I shouldn't, I hear Justin Timberlake singing in my ear, "What goes around comes back around." It puts a lil' pep in my step.

5. Everyone has a unique laugh. Do you like yours?

I love it and I laugh a lot. In fact, my brother calls me Giggles.

6. Is love really all you need?

Love is great, but I think that trust, loyalty, honesty and two people that want the same things are just as vital as love.

7. What’s your take on the whole 2012 scare?

Crap, what scare? Are you trying to give me anxiety :)

8. If you won a million dollars and had to give it all away, who would you give it to?

I would donate it to special education departments in local elementary schools. They need so much and are often overlooked by parents, community, etc.

9. Do you believe in God/religion/the power of prayer?

I wasn't raised with religion, but I told my husband that I would be open to joining a local bible study or devotions study for people between the ages of 25-35. I would love to learn more and I think it would be a good way to meet new people/make friends. The balls in his court now.

10. What New Year’s Resolution do you always make but never keep?

I don't make them, so I don't have to keep them! Avoidance is best.


Anonymous said...

1. Amen!
2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that your cats aren't normal.
9. You totally should!
10. Same here, lady!!

Brandilicious said...

I agree that vacations should be vacations. And I like your idea of a vacation!

and people don't give enough credit to kitties.