Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Furbies...

It was GORGEOUS today! Despite being a test examiner for MSA (the state assessment) for a long ass time (with some hyperactive kids), my day was made brighter by a fantastic spring bouquet that was bought for me by my secret pal at work!

When I came home from work I promptly whipped off my cardigan, rolled up my pants and sat outside with the newest US Weekly.

The sun was shining, it was warm and I have actual tank top tan lines to prove it.

We have a fenced in back patio and the cats love to come out (I'm an indoor cat person) when the weather is nice. My husband always begs me to let them out on the patio while he's grilling, but I'm afraid that they'll scale the 6ft wall and run away. Today, I figured what the heck and they loved it.

Here's Oh Snap, planning his attack on each and every bug that came our way...

And Sage, loungin in the sun...

Gosh, they are cute.

At about 7pm, I came back inside and my husband reminded me that it was still light out. HOW EXCITING. We fist bumped it.

Then we planted some grass seed out front (the snow did us in) while our cute little neighbor girl helped. Wouldn't you know that my tulips are starting to sprout and my hydrangea is looking fabulous?!?! I can't wait to add to my garden in the upcoming weeks.
Life is good!

Sun, I love you lots!


jv726 said...

I love that you guys fist bump...we do that all the time and people give us a weird look like we should be doing something more spouse-ish like hug or kiss... ;)

Jackie said...

This weather is perfect!!

So glad today is the last day of MSA. I am so over proctoring!