Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recipe Planning

This may make me sound old, but meal plans make my life so much easier.

I love sitting down at the kitchen table on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, a pen and a piece of paper.

My husband is on pantry/fridge patrol, while I man the grocery list. I read the recipes and he checks to see what we're missing. It makes Monday evening so much easier.

On the menu this week--

Sunday- Turkey Tenderloin, Crash Hot Potatoes and Green Beans
Monday- Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps (I will post this recipe soon-- it's amazing)
Tuesday- Jerk Chicken with Dirty Rice and Salad
Wednesday- Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf and Corn
Thursday- Ashley out with girlfriends, John at class
Friday- Kickball Happy Hour

We were definitely on a chicken kick this week-- we're going to need to branch out next week.


KiraAJ said...

i wish i could do this :) but just like following recipes i am unable to follow threw! I never know what i am cooking until i head to the fridge freezer a few hours before dinner! :) Plus i am known not to cook the same thing more then a couple times...that was before i started blogging and writting things down! My girlfriend loves doing "" which she does every monday!

Jules said...

Geof and I have been talking about doing this. There is nothing worse than sitting there on Tuesday and having the “what are we having for dinner?” debate.

It’s so funny, because I made that same buffalo chicken meatloaf last week and it was so tasty.

P.S. Kickball happy hour sounds really fun.

Shaina said...

Hiiii! Wanted to respond to your comment but you don't have an email address linked. Boo! :) Yeah, I didn't really want to name names but the one you brought up, along with another that is her BFF (you can probably guess) are kind of at the forefront of all of this, but really this seems to go on with certain bloggers all the time!