Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Like Projects

My poor husband.

Whenever he leaves me unattended, I like to come up with home improvement projects. My ideas usually range from a simple paint job, to a full blown remodel.

Hey, I can't help it. I'm creative.

Last week was the perfect time for a new project.

The Setting: A random Thursday off of work
The Offending Object: The ceiling fan.

Before I had a house with a ceiling fan, I thought that they were beyond tacky. Now that I've lived in a house with a ceiling fan for a year, I think that they are a fantastic invention.

Yes, my ceiling fan is tacky, but it does a hell of a job keeping things cool and comfortable.

For the past year, I've hated the way that the ugly, eye sore of a ceiling fan looked in my living room. I've looked into replacing it, but I never seem to have the money to do so.

On that fateful Thursday afternoon, I decided to see how far a leftover can of spray paint could get me. I figured it couldn't get any worse than faux wood and brass, right?

I forgot to take a picture before I disassembled the fan, but you get the picture. Brass- faux wood- need I say more? Taking the fan down was easy.

Taking the ugly brass off was easy too. Please note the spots on our ceiling fan. For my last birthday, my incredibly sweet husband decorated the entire house with balloons and streamers. Apparently, tape rips off faux wood. Just a warning.

I put on my shortest shorts and a tank top (obviously I was tanning simultaneously) and got to work. Spray paint is a pain in the butt, but it got the job done.

After they dried, it was time to reassemble. That was a pain in the booty, but all in all it looks much better.

It's still brass, but there isn't much that I can do about that. The white makes a world of difference, though. The fan actually blends in with the ceiling a little bit better.

Next on the agenda-- doing the exact same thing in our bedroom. :)


Kim said...

we also have an UGLY brown and brass ceiling fan in our living room. I was determined to take it down and replace it with a pendant light, but after the hot weather we've been having this week, I totally changed my mind and it's staying!

I have read that you can paint the ugly brass. You just need to lightly sand it and then you can do a few quick coats of silver, or whatever you want to use. Plus, since it's so high, no one will notice if the paint isn't super perfect. good luck!

Debbie said...

not too shabby!!! we need to replace ours, too! im the same way in coming up with fun projects. next on our lists is to paint/texture our bathroom walls. right now we have wallpaper in them...yuck.

PattyAnn said...

wow, that's awesome! i like to do home improvements myself, but i never would've thought to paint the ceiling fan!

Melissa said...

That looks a lot better!

We have ceiling fans too, but all of them are already white. If they weren't, I'd definitely paint them!

The Sadlon Family said...

Wow! What a HUGE difference! Bravo, chica!