Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Eats 4/13

My eats for today--


1 cup Fiber One Caramel Cereal- 3 points


Eating Right Chicken Enchiladas- 6 points
Orange- 1 point
Two Oreos (bad, Ashley)- 2 points

9 mini cheddar rice cakes- 1 point

Dinner- random Mexican type mix... (as follows)


1 cup of shrimp- 2 points
Sauteed with onions and mushrooms- 0 points
1/4 cup taco seasoning- 0 points

served on top of....


1/2 cup brown rice- 2 points
1/3 cup corn- 1 point
1 cup steamed peppers- 0 points
1/4 cup salsa- 0 points

WW Cookies and Cream bar- 1 point
2 cups popcorn- 1 point

21 points, which leaves one to spare!

1 comment:

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