Monday, April 12, 2010

My Menu, 4/12

I know that most of you don't care about what I eat... However, I'm going to try blogging about everything that I eat for a week or two (I'll blog about other stuff too-- if I can figure out my blackberry Flickr app, I'll even take pics of my food) to help jump start the diet. I've been slacking in the tracking department, so I'm hoping that putting it all out their on the interweb will encourage me to remove the wings and cheese fries from my mouth. Here goes nothing...

Kashi Oatmeal with Frozen Strawberries- 2 points

Chicken Pomodoro (Eating Right frozen lunch)- 6 points
Orange- 1 point

Apple- 1 point

Chicken and veggie stir fry and 3/4 cup brown rice- 8 points

Chocolate and caramel WW bar- 1 point
Swedish Fish 100 cal pack- 2 points
Small Salad- 1 point

Total Used-- 21

Gooooo Me!


Jaime said...

yay for you!

Yellow House said...

I love that you are posting this! I get 20 points per day and love any ideas for getting through the day!

Mrs. S. said...

Good start to your food posting!

Beth Dunn said...

Great job!