Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (28)

1. Think back a decade, do you remember what your first cellphone was? Was it as cool as Zack Morris’s phone? My cell phones are never cool. I'm not a technology geek, so I'm usually quite behind the times. I didn't even have a cell phone until 2002 or 2003 and when I finally got one, it was bulky. I have a blackberry now-- and I just got it in January. That's right, hello 2005, I've finally arrived.

2. What is the first children’s book you remember being read to you? Remember? My first memory is of Goodnight Moon. It was my favorite. Fo Sho.

3. What was your first car? Did you love it or hate it? My first car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo- Green. Unfortunately, I ripped the bumper off of it while trying to exit the garage. I tried to duct tape it back together, but my father picked up on that trick quickly. I loved that car. I'd give anything for Jeep to recreate their cars circa 1997.

4. Who was your hero growing up? When I was a kid I aspired to true greatness-- Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it All. Obvi.

5. Think back to your first kiss. Was it everything you dreamed of? It was interesting. He came out of no where and missed my mouth. We ended up dating for awhile though.

6. What was your first BAD hairstyle choice? I'd like to blame my mother for a bowl cut that she gave me in the first or second grade. I think that she forgot that I'm a girl.

7. What was your first realistic dream? (One where you had to think “Oh dang, was that a dream?”) Good question?! I have no idea.

8. What was the first phobia you remember developing? Thankfully, I don't have a lot of phobias. To be honest, I can't remember being scared of anything in particular as a child.

9. Which character on Sesame Street do you most identify with? Cookie Monster. I love food!

10. What was the hardest goal you ever accomplished? I'm proud of everything that I've accomplished-- graduating from high school, college, getting an internship, getting a job. Life is great when it's full of great accomplishments.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh Clarissa! Her clothes were always a bit too weird for me. Although I was jealous that her best friend was a boy and that he came in her room through the window. SO COOL.