Monday, May 10, 2010

Garbage Review!

Do you know how hard it is to find a great trash can? Sounds weird, but it's so true. They are either too small, too large, too plastic, or too cheap looking. My husband and I have been searching for a good can for at least a year now. I'm ashamed to admit that more than one has been returned back to the store that it came from because it simply stopped working after a week or two. Recently, CSN contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing a product for them. Interested? Of course I am! The possibilities are endless and CSN has so much to choose from. I looked at TV Stands, Cookware, and so much more. In the end, I settled on a super cool, infared garbage can!

I'll be sure to tell you about my experience with it after I try it out for awhile! Have you ever tried an infared trash can? Or what about CSN? Dish please!


Laura said...

the picture sure is pretty, but I'm a foot pedal kind of girl, I don't want to have to touch anything when I have yuck that I'm trying to throw away.

Courtney said...

I have that garbage can!! It's awesome!!! :)

Anonymous said...

In our kitchen, we use a plastic clothes hamper. Seriously, it works great, and the holes on the sides let the container breathe so you don't get that nasty garbage smell. You can alse keep the lid on it to so you don't see the trash. Try it.

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