Monday, May 24, 2010

Medical Professionals

What is it with some (not you reading, I love you) medical professionals?

A few Fridays ago I went to get some blood drawn (I'll tell you about it later). My primary care physician has a lab, which is super convenient but scary. The lab is a scary place, with one chair and a lot of blood and vials.

I warned the nurse that I'm a fainter and asked if I could go somewhere where I could lie down while she was taking my blood. I told her that I only faint if I see the blood in the vial and joked about one lady who left it sitting on the counter. I told her that If I don't see it, I'm totally fine. Shots don't scare me at all. Just hide it in your pocket.

Wouldn't you know that the dumb chick left my vial of blood sitting on the counter.

Hello?!?!?! Aren't listening skills part of nursing school?


Alissa said...

Some people geez! Oh and I totally relate with you I can't stand the sight of it either, I get woozy just thinking about it.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

LOL, that is kinda mean of the lab tech.

Yellow House said...

Some people are just clueless. I had a similar run-in with a salesclerk at Davids Bridal yesterday when I went to pick up a bridesmaid dress. (Not similar about blood...similar in stupidity). Keep calm and carry on. :)