Monday, May 3, 2010

My Eats 5.3

Remember how I told you that I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack?

We my lap top is on the fritz today. My work lap top. All of a sudden the screen went blank and it won't go past the start up page that says enter in safe mode (it's not entering). My husband mentioned something about a blue screen of hell. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm scared.

Have I mentioned that this lap top is approximately 4 months old?

Anyways, I'm on the husband's computer, but he doesn't share well with others when it comes to computers (and I don't blame him). I can't promise that I will report in every day this week.

In other news, it's TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK, which is otherwise known as, Sh*t- your diet is screwed week, so I'm not expecting a huge loss this week.

For today--

The usual cereal- 3 points

Lunch- I've been craving Italian- 7 points

I love Safeway and I love their meals. They even have the weight watchers points right on the box. This one was higher than usual, but I needed some Italian food in my life.

Apples- 0 points
Strawberries- 1 point
Cheddar Pop Chips- 2 points
Orange- 1 point

Dinner- Some pasta primavera dish that I whipped up...
Pasta- 4 points (I had a lot)
Sauce- 1 point
Frozen Veggies- 0 points
2 tbsp parmesan- 1 point

Mistake of the day:
Corn Muffin top at the Teacher Appreciate breakfast- probably 4 points? Ugh.


Yellow House said...

LOL about Teacher Appreciation Week! You should see the menu they have for us...

Today a dad who owns a pizza restaurant brought in about 40 pizzas and four huge red velvet cakes.

For the rest of the week... Mexican, Indian, Breakfast Buffet, and Salads. Of course salads dont come until Friday. S-it my diet is screwed too!

But isnt teacher appreciation week the best?? :)

Mrs. S. said...

That's funny! I know that at our school we have already had breakfast served to us (which was a lot of fruit, thank goodness), but I know there is cheesecake wedged in there somewhere! Don't they know I am going to Miami in a month?! :)