Monday, May 24, 2010

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

It's time for my main man Chris Harrison to return to prime time TV.

This season, it's the Bachelorette and it's Ali. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of her last season but she'll probably grow on me. I didn't like Jillian either, but I watched her whole season (although I'm still pissy that she picked shorty shorts).

Here's Ali, trying on clothes and running through town with a soccer ball. That chick has some scraggly hair and cries a ton.

Frank- He's cute, except I counsel an emotionally disturbed child with those same glasses. I like his anchor shirt though. I like nautical men.

Jay- the lawyer from Rhode Island- he's boring and has girly hair.

Craig from Canada- goes to clubs and is a metro. He's out.

Kyle from Colorado- Jesse reincarnated.

Justin- Rated R- Gay pretending to be straight.

Phil- he's the one who's brother passed away and he's a cutie. I like him.

Jonathan the weatherman- He could be gay as well.

Where did they find these guys? Woof. I'm done reviewing them. It's too soon to pick favorites.

Why does Chris Harrison always wear skinny ties nowadays? I hate it.

Ali's weave is worse than Vienna's last season. Yikes.

The introductions are going well.. but they seem a little fake.

Here comes the secret box. It's time to be a little bitch and hate on someone else. I hate that they do this now, because I feel as though the man voted most annoying always wins the first date.

Roberto gets the first impression rose. Obviously, I saw that coming and I haven't even read the spoilers (yet).

Who is this giant scary dude giving Chris the roses? He must be new this season.

The wrestler gets the crappiest contestant award. He's not my type so I'd send his ass packing, but she keeps him. I think that ABC must pay her ten dollars a day to keep him around for the drama. That's why I hate that box-- the loser never goes home.

So who stays and who goes?

Jesse- he's cute, wearing purple, gave her the homemade heart necklace.
Ty- he's cute, older, they clicked during their alone time.
Craig R- the yellow converse guy- that won him points.
Tyler V- Don't remember him.
Frank- Emotionally Disturbed glasses, but cute and fun.
Steve- I don't remember him.
Chris L- I like him. He's sweet and cute.
Kirk- Nice guy
John C- Gay in a gay man's outfit.
Chris N- Not a fan- teal tie? Um, no.
Chris H- I don't remember him.
Hunter- He kinda looks like a hobbit if we're being honest.
Craig M- ABC paid her for that one.
Jonathan- He cannot be straight.
Kasey- He's sweet, but has a super strange voice.

I'm shocked about some of the guys that she sent home--especially since they monopolized the first half hour of the show.

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