Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (29)

1. Do you prefer markers, crayons, or colored pencils?
Markers. The skinny ones. Color pencils are cool too as long as they are very sharp.

2. As a child, how did your parents celebrate your birthday? (Parties, cake, you pick the dinner, etc.)
There wasn't any particular celebration. We almost always got to pick what we wanted for dinner. Sometimes we went out, sometimes mom cooked, and sometimes we had parties.

3. How do you feel about leggings?
I thank god every day that leggings are back in style. I always cover my bits and pieces but they look fantastic under dresses in the winter.

4. How do you prefer to follow directions? With a map? Words?
I am surprisingly good at directions. I have an uncanny sense of direction and if I've been somewhere once, I'll remember it every time.

5. What do you eat for snack?
What don't I eat for snack? If I'm being good it's pop chips, rice cakes, strawberries, watermelon, grapes, oranges, light string cheese. If I'm living life the way I prefer it's twizzlers, pretzels, swedish fish, sour patch kids etc.

6. Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought any As Seen on TV products?
No, but I've been tempted. That ab circle looks so cool.

7. What’s your favorite thing about summer?
The pool, BBQ, patio time, tan skin, no kids at school and cold beers.

8. Do you have a tattoo? What and where is it?
No. I'm not a fan personally.

9. Are you good at journaling?
Not on paper. I try to do something well, but usually run out of steam after a month or two. I need some passion so that I can follow through with things better.

10. What’s your favorite way to eat a hamburger?
With cheese, ketchup, pickles and onions


Brittany said...

Swedish fish are the best :-)

And a cold beer by the pool; what's better than that?!

Angela said...

I'm suddenly craving a whole bunch of candy...

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that's like my husband with directions. I don't get it.

"How do you know where you're going?"
"Oh, well my family drove through this city on family vacation one time when I was 7... So, you know, I'm familiar."


Anonymous said...