Tuesday, June 1, 2010

30 Years!

As of May 31st, my parents have been married 30 years.

To celebrate, we asked my parents what they wanted to do and they decided that they wanted to do something low key so that we could really enjoy each others company, talk, and spend time together.

My brother, sister, and I threw together a small family BBQ with the help of my aunt, cousins and grandmother.

We had some seriously phenomenal food and had a great time. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the bride and groom, but we did take manage to take some snap shots.

Me and my siblings, before we broke out the champagne and yes, I have a spot on my shirt. One of my parents four dalmations jumped up on me after an afternoon in the pool (yes, my parents have four dogs-- they started a mini disabled dog farm after we all moved out of the house-- all of which were rescued from their original homes. They have one dog who is blind, one who is deaf, and another that was hit by a car and whose leg is/was pretty messed up. I'm trying to convince my husband to adopt their fourth dog, who is gorgeous):

A cousins/sister outtake- I thank the lord that I am so close to these ladies:

Now this looks better-- Moriah, Me, Ciena, Erinn, and Alexa- we took 5 and someone was looking down in every picture.

Finally, my sister and myself. I'm loving our poses. Can you guess who's older? Ha.


Yellow House said...

I love your shirt! Congrats to your parents! What a fun way to celebrate!

Unknown said...

30 years....so exciting! What a blessing to have such great role models of marriage. It's not easy, and seeing couples who make the committment and continue to stand by each other is so inspiring.

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