Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bachelorette: Ali, Episode 4

I was looking forward to some crazy dudes tonight.

Kasey (the crazy dude) gets the first date. I hope this segment is quick because I can't understand a damn word that this boy says. Either he is/was deaf and I'm going to hell or he needs speech therapy.

This guy is a total dweeb. I can only hear/understand every other word, such as cocoon, butterflies, and protecting hearts. Next, he breaks out in song about his ride in the helicopter and the entire situation is really awkward.


Moving on... The Lion King date-- boring. Although as a side note, the Lion King is probably one of my favorite broadway plays of all time (second to Beauty and the Beast).

Poor Frank, he was going to have a conniption if he kept being ignored.

Ali is sick. I'm surprised that they couldn't reschedule her dates. Who wants to date when they feel like a hag?

Gosh, I know she's sick and I should cut her a break but her hair is so scraggly. What is with the weave/extensions?

I don't have much to say except for the fact that Crazy Kasey, the wrestler and the weatherman have GOT to go. Ugh, where did ABC find these crazy hoodrats?

There about five decent dudes here. I'm thinking that Chris, Roberto and Frank are the front runners-- or at least they are the ones that I would pick.

Only time will tell and for now, I'm avoiding the spoilers and rumors.

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