Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bachelorette!


*WTF! Now they are in Turkey!?!?!? Luckily, I have no desire to go to Turkey so I'm not entirely jealous. Close though.

*Wow, things get crazy right off the bat, eh? My BFF Chris Harrison is there to deliver some bad news. He tells Ali that Jessie (from last season has some news). Why couldn't he tell her himself?
*The phone rings and rings and rings. HELLO, this is TV, we know that Jessie must be sitting by the phone waiting for the producers to call.

*While Ali talks to Jessie, Chris is sitting there looking depressed. Oh SNAP, here's Jessica, Rated R's girlfriend on the show. This is a soap opera.

*These guys have GOT to be planted on every season. It's become far too common that one guy per season makes it to the final few and is there for the wrong reasons.

*Ali is one tough chick- she called his butt out. I like it. Justin is such a little boy. Losers like that make me so mad. He won't even talk to her-- isn't that part of his contract?

*OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP! I love the bachelorette. Saved voice mails? Genius!

*Moving on.. Ty and Ali make out and massage each other for awhile. Looks fun.

*This group date is a strange idea? Wrestling Turkish men? Weird.

*Frank looks exactly like this little emotionally disturbed boy that I work with. I just can't get past it. He even wears/owns those same glasses. It doesn't help that Frank is a little EMO as well.

*I wish that my husband would wear Kirk's rose ceremony outfit-- purple plaid tie. So hot.

*It's pretty obvious that Craig is going home. Are these guys really that clueless? I'm not there and even I know what's up.

*Ali's dress is super cute. Her hair still sucks.

*I am shocked that Craig is so shocked. She's practically knocked boots with all the other guys and never even kissed him. Come on man.

*Holy crap.. they are really putting it all out there on the previews for the rest of the season. They've let all of the secrets out of the bag.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I do not watch the show but I do think she is pretty!

Kat said...

I'm soooo mad that they showed who makes it to the final 3. I get that it is going to be dramatic, but let's be honest, us Bach followers will watch no matter what the teaser is for next week. no need to show the whole damn season!!!