Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Going to Gross you out

I've had a sore throat since Monday


I think that technically it's more of a dry throat than a sore throat.

Regardless, nothing helps.

Not even my best friend, my neti pot OR my side kick -saline syringe.

I am literally gagging on post nasal drip- yet my nose isn't that stuffy.

I've been up hourly for the last three nights because I can't swallow due to the aforementioned drip.

Yesterday, while coughing after a neti pot trial, I projectile vomited all over the wall.

It was an accident. I didn't know I had to puke.

Damn you post nasal drip.

Does anyone have a cure?

Please, help me out.

My throat is on fire.

Mucinex D isn't working.

I really wanted a margarita tonight.

Instead, I took some left over antibiotics just in case it's an infection.

I know, I shouldn't use prescription drugs without a doctor, but this is serious.

I promise I won't finish the pack if I'm still gagging on post nasal drip tomorrow.


Just Add Walter said...

oh no!! feel better soon!!

The Sadlon Family said...

Is it bad that I'd rather you take meds without doctors orders than miss dinner tonight? hehehe!

Denise said...

My homeopathic cure when I get that is hot tea with honey, lemon and cayenne pepper with a bowl of wonton soup with spicy mustard in it. It seems crazy to add things that will have your nose running more but it breaks it all down.

And I am all for taking antibiotics if I have them when it starts without the doc ok. Half the time you go to the doc and they ask what is wrong, what do you want to do and with write a script for what ever you tell them anyways.

Yellow House said...

I am so sorry you are sick. I had something like this a couple months ago. Best remedy - lay on the couch and watch TV. :)

Leah said...

I just had something similar, couldn't eat. Finally went to urgent care last night and found out it was strep! I was shocked, I didn't have any fever or anything, just a really bad sore throat. Go to the doctor!

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