Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Weddings!

When did I become so old that I have more friends that are married than aren't?

This past weekend the hubs and I went to his high school best friend's wedding in Connecticut. Being a former Connecticut girl I knew that the wedding would be beautiful (but that the drive would suck).

After SIX (ugh) hours and a few episodes of Tori and Dean (I brought my laptop while the husband drove) we made it to Kent Prep school in Kent, CT.

Hotels within a 30 mi radius of Kent were 300+ per night so we decided to stay in the dorms at the school. One husband, two bunk beds and communal bathrooms. I felt like I was in college again-- especially when the fire alarm went off at 4am waking us all up.

The rehearsal dinner was held at a gorgeous inn! The entire place was full of windows and the view was gorgeous.

A picture of my food. Eight months later, I'm still amused that I'm now "Ashley C"

When the hubs and I got married I tried to convince him that seersucker is better than a tux but he wasn't buying it. J Crew is not my husband's friend. Anyways, he surprised me on the honeymoon one night with the purchase of a seersucker suit.

I convinced him to wear it to this wedding. If you can't wear a seersucker suit to an outdoor wedding at a prep school in Connecticut then where else can you wear it?

He's so cute.

Ever the classy broad, I'm always photographed holding a beer at weddings (even my own). I swear I drink classy stuff, but if I have to maintain and last all night beer is my friend.

Congrats to Tim and Alexina, the wedding was gorgeous!