Monday, July 5, 2010

The Bachelorette: Ali's Hair Continues to be a HOT Mess

Ali and the fellas are in Lisbon, Portugal. Blah Blah, wish I were there.

Roberto gets the first one on one date. Ali wears a super short skirt and Roberto lays on the charm. He's cute, but he's a bit cheesy for me. John and I do super lame and cheesy stuff at home, but dancing in the middle of the street? Over rated.

Roberto believes in telling women thank you for kissing him because he appreciates the kiss. I'm not sure that I buy it. He kinda reminds me of one of those really sweet guys that beats the crap out of you a few years later. I hope I'm wrong, but he's too good to be true.

Next up, Ty and Frank have a two on one date. It's awkward like all two on one dates are. Frank is a 31 one year old second grader. He stills lives at home with his parents. That's a bit of a red flag. Ahem.

On Kirk's date, Ali is a total dud. She's so boring and Kirk got the shaft.

Lastly, we have Chris. Chris and Ali go for a moped ride through town. It looks like they may die. HA. Ali makes it really clear that she's unsure about Chris. She says it no less than fifty times. They kiss weird.

Ty goes home. I saw that coming, even if my mom didn't.


Shaina said...

I didn't watch the whole episode this week but knew that Ty would head home. All that overly traditional stuff was a little too much. I am Team Roberto 100%!

Shaina said...

Oh, and for the record ... I think Ali should ditch the weave. It looks like ass and a half.

Mrs. S. said... looks like next week's episode is interesting...

I was kind of surprised Ty went home. I thought it was Kirk. I *wish* it had been Frank. He's weird.

Yellow House said...

I am already excited for next Monday...