Monday, July 19, 2010

The Bachelorette: The Final Three

My thoughts, via the twitter frenzy I had tonight :)

@AshleysAntics Can't wait for the bachelorette tonight. We get to see the loser that is actually dating Frank. I'm sure she's a real winner.

@AshleysAntics cast your vote: Will Frank wear another tragic cardigan in Tahiti? Will Ashley cry or vomit if he does?

@AshleysAntics I would like to gain the 1223214343 minute I wasted watching Frank cry with insecurity back. What a wiener

@AshleysAntics Roberto, didn't your mother tell you how to pack ur Lion King CD? Stick it between two sweaters, it may crack on top.

@AshleysAntics Frank says, "it's killing me that I love two girls" Well, it's killing me that snaggle tooth can actually snag two girls!

@AshleysAntics Ali never picks the right outfit- hooker boots for the beach and pants in Tahiti?!? WTF

@AshleysAntics ME TOO @BTVBachelorette Where is the button on my remote that I press to make Chris come to my house and be my boyfriend?

@AshleysAntics OOOooh Roberto drops the L-Bomb and he is shocked by the room key and the note. Has be been living under a rock for the last 10 years?

@AshleysAntics Ali and Chris are a good match but that was a far swim. I would have drowned.

@AshleysAntics Ha, does that store still exist? @Possessionista I gave him my heart, and he gave me the friends and family discount at Structure

@AshleysAntics she wears a slutty dress for dinner with Roberto and granny pajamas with Chris. This is not good.

@AshleysAntics I'm loving Chris with Ali tonight. He's cracking me up and you can tell that they have a great time together! Chris > Roberto

@AshleysAntics Frank- overanalyze this- u work at the gap and live in ur parent's basement. I'm thinking that analyzing is NOT ur strength

@AshleysAntics what is wrong with the girls that allow their boyfriends to go on this show and then date them when they return home? Tragic!

@AshleysAntics Why is she hugging Frank for 30 seconds? Do all women in America a favor and kick him in the balls!!!!!!

@AshleysAntics and I thought that I was a good psychologist (it's true, psychologists watch this show). @chrisbharrison is giving me a run for my $$.


KiraAJ said...

Hi Ashley! Just wanted to stop by and show u some comment luv seeing its been so long since i have dropped by in general and i feel terrible for it as well... Hope u have been well and that things are good for u and ur hubby! How are the kitties doing? :) I am playin catch up and reading threw some of the posts i have missed (which is alot..) I have started to come back to bloggy world so that means comment love and posts lol!

Morgan said...

I just found your blog! It's so cute! By the way, I agree how can Frank have two girls?? What are they thinking?

Jaime said...

your twittering was very VERY difficult for me yesterday :) I was about an hour behind schedule and was watching it via dvr....I had to purposely avoid your tweets until I was done watching....made me laugh...thanks for that :)

Shaina said...

This is awesome. I was behind and watched on Hulu last night ... gag.