Monday, July 12, 2010

The Bachelorette: Hometown Date

Random thoughts and observations:

First up.. Roberto. They both show up wearing matching yellowed checkered shirts. Tragic. Ali thinks that a baseball uniform is the sexiest outfit that a guy can wear. Men in tight pants--- no thanks. Out of all of the uniforms in the world, baseball is not in my top 5.

Roberto's mom reminds me of my Zumba teacher. Neon colors and a full on WOO girl.

Next up, Chris. He's cute and he's probably my pick. How cute it their date?!?!?!

Ali wears high heeled leather boots to run around the beach with the dog. This girl chooses the wrong shoes all the freakin' time. She wears converse sneakers with wedding dresses and hooker boots for a day at the beach.

She really fits in perfectly with Chris' family. So far, they are the big winners.

Kirk's family is interesting. His dad has a lot of crap in his house and he's a bit strange. Kirk's mom reminds me of Vienna. Ha.

Kirk and Ali didn't really seem to connect this time. Not good for him.

FRANK IS SO EMO. He's become pretty obnoxious and he's wearing the worst outfit that I've ever seen. Men should NOT wear cardigans with wife beaters. Ugh.

Poor, Kirk. I feel for him. Frank is a d-bag and should have told Ali that he didn't like her tonight instead of wasting all of our time and energy tonight.

The end.

oh and in case you were wondering, Ali's hair is still scraggly, she still has black roots, and her extensions look like my cat spent the last several hours swatting them.

The end.



Mrs. S. said...

I think it is definitely between Chris and Roberto. I LOVED Chris's family! She seemed so googly-eyed with him.

I said the same thing about Frank's outfit of choice. I thought it was a scoop-neck tee and a cardigan. Then I discovered it was a tank top. This did not make the situation better for him. Ick.

How can she say she has such a great connection with Frank when all he does is talk about how scared he is and she has to console him over and over? I would have kicked his whiny ass out the door!

Heather said...

Ali's hair is a HUGE hot mess..she needs about 3 hours in a chair to get her roots done...and those friggen extensions ripped out! :)

Shaina said...

I continue to be Team Roberto - 95%. 5% Team Chris. 0% Team Frank.

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