Tuesday, July 20, 2010

EBay Sales!

If anyone is in the market for some new clothes or purses please check out my listings on EBAY (go to advanced search and my seller ID is Spicey8138).

I recently cleaned out my closet and we're trying to start a 3-6 months emergency savings plan. Hopefully my EBAY sales will help.

Most items are almost new or new with tags. All items are misses size 4-8 (sorry if you're bigger or smaller than that, that's all I've got in my closet right now).

Most items are either Coach, Vera Bradley, JCrew, Ann Taylor/Loft, or BCBG/Max&Cleo

I attached a few pics so you could see some of what I have on sale right now!



KiraAJ said...

gawjuss! If i even came close to those sizes i would be all over them! Love the dresses :) unfortunately i am a size 16...:)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Cute stuff!

Yellow House said...

I like the 2nd dress!