Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Men Tell All

Truthfully, the Men Tell All always sucks. Especially nowadays when the trouble makers bow out of the show. If I were in charge of ABC I'd fix up these contracts to REQUIRE that all men attend the Men Tell All episode. I wanted to see Justin squirm in his seat. ABC could easily state that Justin would owe them $23453454300872934371 dollars if he does not show up for taping. Seriously, I'm so smart I should own a multi million dollar television broadcast company.

Anyways, all the same boring men that couldn't win Ali's attention showed up. Oh, and Ali's hair still sucked. ABC should really fire the hairdresser (honestly, see how smart I am. I told you that I should be in charge).

I really didn't have much to say last night besides these gems of wisdom...

I hope that @chrisbharrison explains whats up (or questions) with Kasey's voice.

Jonathan is as straight as elbow macaroni

guard and protect your heart drinking game. Can't see straight any longer

how many bird eggs is Ali hiding in that Men Tell All hairdo?