Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Reading: Book SIX

Thanks to this book, I bought $121.00 worth of food for only 70 bucks today at Safeway!

“Of all the how-to-do-it books ever written, the best and most constructively useful are the Bible, Voltaire’s Candide- and this one. The time is right, right now, for somebody to give us all a top sergeant lesson in practical economics: ‘There is no free lunch.’ Congratulations, Annette and Steve Economides: I pray your readers will practice what you teach.”
- PAUL HARVEY, legendary American radio broadcaster and host of The Rest of the Story on the ABC Radio Network

“If your family is struggling with debt or you find yourself spending more money than you can legitimately afford, pick up and READ this book today! Implement the strategies you find and enjoy a lifetime free of financial anxiety!”
- Glinda Bridgforth, financial coach, Oprah Debt Diet consultant, and bestselling author of Girl, Make Your Money Grow! and Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!

I just recently finished this book because my husband and I are on a budget kick! Overall, it was a quick easy read with some great ideas. I've read the Dave Ramsey books so nothing in this book was particularly new -- but it was inspiring. I especially enjoyed reading about how they budget and save money for groceries. Some of it was a bit drastic- such as shopping for clothes at thrift shops and spending five hours at the grocery store, but it was a good read overall.

Have you read this one?

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