Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. How do you take your coffee on an average day? How do you like your coffee if you’re spluging?
I can't live without coffee. In the winter I drink my coffee hot with a tiny bit of french vanilla powdered creamer. In the summer I drink my coffee iced with skim milk and a tiny bit of sugar. If I'm splurging on coffee I don't make it at home and get the exact same thing at Dunkin' Donuts.

2. What is your genre of books to read?
I like chick lit, fiction, if it's on Oprah's list I probably loved it, some biographies, and some "self-help" books.

3. Where do you want to retire, if you could go anywhere?
The outerbanks. I've never been there, but it just sounds like the perfect place for us to retire.

4. The 17-year-old you is told to write a 10-minute speech. What topic would you have picked?
If I were giving my 17 year old self a speech I would say: don't waste your money, don't buy things you can't afford, that boyfriend you cried over for days was a loser. When I was 17 I talked about boys, shopping, clothes, and sports.

5. What word describes you best?

6. What is the next “event” that you are looking forward to? (ex.: vacation, moving, date, job change, etc)
Well, I'm about to be 29 on August 13th- which is slightly depressing, but I still love birthday month. I'm looking forward going to Bethany Beach for a few days in August, and for our one year anniversarymoon carribbean cruise this fall!

7. Do you like to discuss controversial topics or do you prefer to avoid those types of conversations?
It depends on who I'm talking to. If I'm with someone who can handle what I have to say and won't throw their opinions down my throat, then sure. If I know they can't handle it, I won't even touch it with a ten foot pole.

8. Would you rather add 4 free hours to each day, or add 1 extra day to the week?
Definitely 4 free hours in the day. Strangely, I'm the only one that answered this way. I'd love to have more time in the evening to unwind with the hubs, to work out, run errands, read, cook etc.

9. If you created a sports team; what would your colors and mascot be?
Although purple is my favorite color, that's too close to the pukey Ravens (who I strongly despise) so I can't pick that color. I'd have to make my dream team bright green and bright yellow. You'd smile just looking at those colors. Naturally, they'd be called the Giraffes.

10. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?
I'm a school psychologist which is kinda sorta like a teacher. I teach bad kids how to behave. 99% of the time they don't listen so I teach them the exact same thing the following week. If I were to be a real teacher I'd teach AP English (I loved it, I have a thing for Shakespeare plays) or AP psychology since I'm kinda an expert.


Just Add Walter said...

dont be depressed about turning 29! We only get better as we age!! loved this meme! Hope you are having a great week!

Nat said...

The Outer Banks are great!! I vacation there every year with my husbands family and I love it, it's so relaxing!

Caitrin said...

I totally agree with you about adding 4 extra hours to each day- extra time to get everything accomplished and then relax with the hubs and sleep!

And your giraffes team made me laugh :) I would definitely "root" for them

Kat said...

Ashface? haha. Made me think of how I call my awesome self Katastic. Which makes you....Ashtastic...or even better Asstastic. Was that too far? I need to go to bed.

Anonymous said...


Debbie said...

you would LOVE the outer banks! we used to go every year when I lived in VA. now we try to make it back at least every other summer. headed there next year, cant wait!!! :)

Bethany said...

As for #8, I think it would depend on if was another working day or a weekend day...haha! I could totally go for another weekend day, otherwise I'd probably want the 4 hrs. extra!

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