Sunday, August 22, 2010

I love seeing this


Pumpkins on my magazines?

You know what that means..........

Fall is almost here!!!!

(ps. do you like my ghetto attempt to cover up my address. I suck at computers so this is easier than trying to photo shop it out).

To be honest, there isn't a season that I don't like.

(okay, I lie-- I don't like winter. It is my opinion that Christmas does not make up for the cold weather, snow and dreariness of that time of year. Add that to the fact that January and February are THE most dreaded months to a school employee and you'll agree that winter sucks).

To me, spring means that it's finally getting warmer, the snow is melting and there are tulips everywhere.

To me, summer means no teachers, no kids, BBQs, porch time, pool time, vacation time, my birthday, and dress time.

To me, fall means football (go steelers), our wedding anniversary, Halloween, haunted houses, cooler weather, scarves and sweatpants.

Life is so good. I can't wait!


Melissa said...

I cannot wait for fall! I love summer, but I'm over the heat and humidity at this point. I agree that winter sucks. I love Christmas, and I am a winter b-day, but those two things happen two days apart in December and then the rest of the season is awful.

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Oooh I noticed all of the pumpkins on magazine covers this weekend, too! I love it! I'm a total Fall Freak!

Anonymous said...

I totally love fall! It's my favorite time of year!

Anonymous said...

Fall is my favorite time of year too. I'm ready.

Heather said...

I love fall too!! The colors, the food, the clothes, football!! I'm ready too! Just found your blog, so cute!

a girl and a pearl. said...

Love you blog! So cute! I'm sooo ready for fall as well! Bring on the pumpkins!