Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday College Edition!

1. Where did you go to college?
I went to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst for undergraduate school.  I think I picked UMASS because my mom, dad and various aunts and uncles went there (I was born in Mass).  Additionally, my grandfather was a engineering professor there. 
2. What did you study?
My majors (to be exact) were Psychology and Sociology with a concentration in social services. I'm a bit of a type A overachiever.  I got halfway through my junior year and had completed my original psychology major.  I needed something to do to fill the next two years.  I suppose most people would have taken aerobics 101 or photography classes.  I decided to make my four year stay worthwhile. 
3. Was college really all that it was cracked up to be?
Yes and no.  I'm glad I went to UMASS because although I'm no genius, I managed to graduate cum laude with a super high GPA.  This enabled me to get into Tufts Univ. for graduate school very easily.  I may not have been able to pull off those grades at a harder university.  The negative was that I wasn't really able to make a lot of life long friends at college, which saddens me.  I had friends, but no one that I keep in touch with regularly.  UMASS was filled with either hippies or people that look like they stepped off the jersey shore show on MTV. Because it was a state school people came in with friends and left with friends.  I wasn't from Massachusetts and I didn't stay in Massachusetts which made maintaining friendships hard after I left.   
4. How far were you from home?
I went to UMASS from Pittsburgh, PA and it was about 10ish hours away.  During my junior year my parents moved to Washington DC.  That was about 8ish hours from UMASS. 
5. Did you have the same roommate all four years?
I didn't.  I met my freshman year roommate at orientation and we hit it off.  We lived together freshman year.  Sophomore year I got a single, which I loved! Junior and senior year I lived in an off campus apartment.  I lived with my best friend from college both years. 
6. Where did you order food from at 2am?
If it was delivery we got Dominos.  They delivered until 4am.  If we were out on the town at 2am, we always got pizza at Antonios.  After the bars closed down the "hot cheese up front" line was a mile long. 
7. Did you date in college or were you tied down?
I dated a few guys in college.  I went into college with a very serious boyfriend from high school.  We managed to keep that up for about 4 months before the distance did a number on us (he was 14 hrs away in NC).  Sophomore year I dated a boy named Mike for about a year and a half.  Then I was single for about a year and met Vinnie halfway through my senior year.  We dated for 2ish years after that.  Obviously, none of them were lasting relationships. 
8. Funniest drunk college moment?
All of my drunk college moments are funny.  I especially loved the time that my roommate got into a fight with her boyfriend outside of his apartment.  She put a ton of rocks in her purse and then chased him around the parking lot trying to beat him with her purse.  Domestic violence isn't cool, but it was funny at the time. 
9. Did you make it to class on time?
Just by the skin of my teeth.  Actually, I was probably five minutes late. I'm five minutes late to everything. 
10. What was your favorite class in college?
Abnormal Psychology.  It was intense, it was interesting, I loved it.  It was a 10:15 class which was ridiculously early in Ashley goes to college-ville. I usually made it there five minutes late, wearing sweats, looking like a hot mess.  I never missed class though because it was so interesting. 


Erin said...

Shut up. You did not date a guy named "Vinnie." That's something I could only dream of.

Jennifer said...

oh my gooodnessss.... my boyfrand went to UMASS amherst!

Molly said...

Yesssssss! Abnormal Psych is so fun.

I think the best part about being in NYC is that I was always a block away from a 24 hour deli. By my senior year there was a guy there who called me his novia.

Ashley said...

Happy late BDAY!!! =) Love your blog!

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