Friday, August 27, 2010

WTF Gretchen?

Are ya'll watching Project Runway (I love it, it's always the first show that I watch in my DVR).

This chick is such a hokie-- bossy-- witch.

Her attitude ruins her talent-- oh, and ps- where's her sense of personal style? She almost has a mullet and was wearing mom jeans to panel.

Does anyone else share my views of her?


Jaime said...

hahaha.....i thought the same thing...and i went to your blog randomly after i watched last nights episode just now.

Laura said...

she totally annoyed me during the whole episode. sure she has talent but i really was hoping she might get kicked off for being such a bitch! :) i would have had to slap her silly for some of her comments!

That Girl said...

ugh I hate her!! she's so frickin annoying. And I don't think she's as bangin as the judges are makin her out to be. and she was a total bitch the last episode

Jodi said...

i loved it when tim totally called her out as being a bully (well, i guess he said the others shouldn't have let her bully them, but close enough, huh?!)...she is a bit odd, in an annoying way.

Anonymous said...

I heart Tim so much more because he called her out. I've never seen him so mad. I hate her. I also hate the Asian chick who was on her team. I'm hoping she wises up and distances herself from Gretchen.

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