Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book 15

I can't really call it summer reading anymore now that we're quickly approaching fall. I'm going to revise my summer reading goal and turn it into a 25 books by 2011 goal. Although I have much less time to read now that school is back in full swing, I think I can handle 10 more books in the next few upcoming months.

The library called me yesterday because five of my "on hold" books were ready for pick up. I better get cracking. I'm currently working my way through Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner and Skinny Italian by Theresa Guidice (yes, that housewife).

I just trudged my way through this one....

I like Tori Spelling. Okay, let me backtrack. I used to hate Tori Spelling because it seems like the thing to do. Gossip Mags hound her, people make for of her bubbies all the time, and she's generally the butt of most jokes. That being said, after watching the last few seasons of her show, I truly enjoy her. She's a normal neurotic mother that calls has daughter ladybug and has a farm full of random animals.

Although I like her as a person, she's not the best story teller in the world. Her first two books were obsessed with bashing her mom. Now they are back to being friends, but this book wasn't much better. It lacked any sort of flow. I prefer my Tori on the big screen- at home with her two kids.

What do you think?


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I trudged through sTori Telling. I couldn't stand her writing style, or more lack there of. Didn't know she had another book out....I may have to pretend I never knew.

Dancy said...

Ahhh! I'm a total closet Tori-fan. I refuse to delete eps on our DVR and Liam's "I Like Snakes..." cracks me up EVERY time.

I agree with you though. I kinda wish I hadn't read the books. Where I saw her as quirky and silly before, now I see her as neurotic and whiney.