Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want to be BLAIR

I may be too old for Gossip Girl, but get over it. I watch it and I enjoy it.

It's our Monday night thing (yes, the hubs watches too. He has a slight man crush on Nate).

My favorite part about Gossip Girl?


Could her outfits possibly rock anymore?

I wish I had Blair's closet. She's perfect.


Kat said...

I'm so glad that you watch Gossip Girl too!! I love Blair's glam, but a part of me wishes I could be Serena. Maybe because I know that I would never in a million years wear some of the short short short things that she does. But my alter ego wants to. Or maybe because my alter ego would love a little Chace Crawford ;)

Any chance you watch One Tree Hill too???

Unknown said...

I haven't ever thought to watch Gossip Girl but I hear LOTS of people who are very into the show. Based on the pictures, I am tempted to watch JUST to see this girl's wardrobe!

Leah said...

I, too, love me a little Gossip Girl, I want to be Serena though. I think I have a girl crush on her. When I was in New York this summer, I took a picture of that red dress Blair is wearing in a store window. It's GORG.

Just Add Walter said...

I love Blair -- she has the BEST wardrobe!

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