Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Reading: Book 14

From Booklist
Scotch (The Department of Lost & Found, 2007; Time of My Life, 2008) specializes in heroines at a crossroads, questioning their life choices and preparing to embark on journeys of self-discovery. Here she hews closely to this formula. Tilly Farmer is aggressively insistent in claiming that she loves her life, including marriage to her high-school sweetheart and a job as a high-school guidance counselor. She’s actually in a rut but doesn’t know it, until a fortune-teller provides her with the gift of “clarity” regarding the future. The more honest Tilly is about her emotions—especially the anger, resentment, and grief tamped down since the death of her mother—the more her perfect world unravels and the closer she comes to real happiness. Scotch creates eminently relatable characters, with a particularly excellent understanding of the way sisters interact, and has the ability to craft scenes of real emotional weight, so much so that none of her flash-forwards or hocus-pocus is necessary. --Patty Wetli

I was really torn about this book. I think that in the end, I enjoyed it, but it also made me kind of sad (I won't give anything away, but it had to do with the Tilly's marriage-- blame it on my newlywed optimism perhaps).

Has anyone read this? It's been all the rage online and on book lists. I can't say that I was quite as thrilled with it as everyone else seemed to be.

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Erica said...

I read this a couple of weeks ago and hated it. I felt like I was in a "my marriage is doomed" funk for a few days after. I really hated her hubs, and I was really hoping that I wasn't like Tilly and being unwilling to bend or change.
I'm not really into the magical/clairvoyant stuff, so just kind of ignored most of it. I suppose overall the book is a wake-up call to not just coast through marriage and life.

Good review!