Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello, FRIDAY!
I'm so happy to see you.
My husband and I coach/co-coach an adult kickball team on Thursday evenings in the spring and in the fall.  Our first game was yesterday-- we won, we won-- and by A LOT!
(Fun side story: the hubs and I met playing kickball several years ago)
The game didn't start until 8:10 pm and more than a few beers were imbibed prior to the game and during the game.
I am exhausted today. 
Due to my beer buzz, I actually went to bed earlier than I usually do on school nights.  Regardless, I'm ready to crawl into the fetal position underneath my child sized counseling table and take a nap. 
My face feels puffier than puffy, but I blame some of that on my sinuses.  I went to the ENT doctor on Tuesday and he did that endoscopy treatment up my nose (that they always do).  I hate that. It always gives me a sinus headache for days afterwards.
Do I like a little camera shoved up my nose, past my eyeballs and into my brain while I'm awake? No.
It sucks actually.
Thank god it's Friday. I'm tired and I'm sinusy.  Not a good mix.


a girl and a pearl. said...

Have a great weekend!

PattyAnn said...

Crawl under the table! DO IT!!!!

Yellow House said...

Hope you get to rest and recover this weekend!