Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book 19

I love Elin Hildebrand.

She has successfully beaten out Jennifer Wiener as my (current) favorite author!

I've read almost all of her more recent books and I have yet to be disappointed. I picked The Island up as book #19 of my 25 books in 6 months challenge-- and I LOVED it.

This book reminds me of Jennifer Wiener's latest-- i.e., girls and mom bond, mom and dad separate, etc., but she she does it so much better than Jennifer did. Did you read both books? What did you think?

From Publishers Weekly
At the start of this steamy woman's novel from Hilderbrand (The Castaways), recently divorced Birdie Cousins is busy planning the September wedding of her older daughter, Chess, at the family house on Tuckernuck, a privately owned island near Nantucket. Birdie hopes to spend some quality time with Chess on Tuckernuck in July, but then Chess breaks her engagement to her consummate Ivy League golden boy fiancé, Michael Morgan. Michael fatally plunges off a Utah crag just when Birdie acquires her own new beau--a married man with a wife stricken with Alzheimer's. Birdie, Chess, and their support team--Birdie's computer-guru younger daughter, Tate, and Birdie's bohemian widowed sister, India--hare off to Tuckernuck. There hunky handyman Barrett Lee flutters hearts and dampens underwear in a breathless month of supercharged estrogenic imbalances. This never-never land portrait of the rich and randy will please those looking for a satisfying beach read.

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