Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sinus Update

In case you were wondering what is happening with my sinus saga, I decided to get a second opinion after all. 
Overall, I wasn't entirely pleased with my current ENT.  He cancelled at the last minute, his office assistants were rude, and he insisted that he wanted to try medical management first, without prescribing anything but an antibiotic (one time).
I am thrilled that I went for a second opinion.  My new ENT actually spent time speaking with me and he helped me to understand what is going on.  He is of the opinion that my allergies are the main problem.  Although I have abnormalities in my nose (he called my turbinates very, very rare), my symptoms don't necessarily indicate that surgery will be 100% effective.  He asked me what my top two complaints are (sore throat and sinus headaches).  He said that fixing my deviated septum and turbinates may alleviate these symptoms somewhat, but that surgery works much better for people with congestion (which isn't terrible for me and/or in my top three concerns).
He said that although surgery is relatively safe, 1 out of 100 times something goes wrong.  He doesn't think that the risk is worth it at this time.
He also informed me that my deviated septum is NOT that bad.  He said that they could do surgery on JUST the turbinates which is a very simple surgery.  I would be back to work the next day with that.  My old ENT never offered me this option and instead said that I'd need the whole shebang and a one week recovery.
For now, I'm going to continue with the weekly allergy shots (which is a pain, but I'm willing to try it) and we're going to try some prescription nasal sprays.  I'm going back in 3 months to see where we stand.
Thanks for weighing in!


Megan said...

As your concentration of the serum gets sucks more but I promise you...long term the shots are worth it!

Dancy said...

That's good news. Glad you went for the 2nd opinion. Dr's are always itching to do surgery. Like it's some quick fix. I hate that.

Erin said...

I'm so glad you're liking your new ENT!
I came over here to answer your elliptical question. My disdain for the elliptical is just that I find it useless. I don't have freakishly awesome quads, but I can put that sucker on the highest resistance and I feel like I'm just strolling around in the park. If it takes me 45 minutes to work up a sweat, I'm not on board. Also, those grossly overexaggerated "calorie burn monitors" just mock me and the elliptical ones always say I've burned 750 calories after 10 minutes. Gah! Anyway, there isn't anything "wrong" with it, it's just useless for me.

Hope you're having a great day! =)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

oh no!! stay hydrated and sleep as much as you can! hopefully that helps! have you tried a neddy-pod (or however you spell it?!)

Unknown said...

I am so thrilled for you that you like your new ENT and went for a second opinion!! Sometimes I think doctors just get lazy and don't want to treat or try other options but just want to shove you on to the next person/surgery. Hopefully these treatments help you =)

Anonymous said...

That's great news. My doctor swears by nasal sprays, but I never use one consistently.