Monday, October 11, 2010

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was on the phone with 123432423 wedding vendors finalizing plans.
I was frantically calling friends to set up a caramel apple stuffing/bagging assembly line. 
I was obsessively checking  They lied to me and said it was going to be sunny and warm.
This time last year I was five days out from my wedding.
Is it pathetic that I kinda missed the rush of wedding planning? Obviously not as much as I enjoy being lazily married but planning my wedding was so darn fun.   


Unknown said...

I miss the craze of wedding planning too!
The weather lied to us -- it was supposed to rain all day. =/ Talk about stress: we had an outdoor ceremony with no inclimate weather backup! it all worked out and it was beautiful
I miss a lot of things about wedding planning I do NOT miss dealing with all the people who wanted to bring additional people

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I don't know if I miss the crazy wedding planning...but I sure love watching all the wedding shows!

Shaina said...

This reminds me a lot of ME, two years ago! We got married 11/8/08 and also spent long hours bagging and tagging caramel apples as favors. :) Happy almost anniversary!!!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Ahhh... I loved wedding planning! And it rushed by way too fast! I loved buying bridal mags - sometimes i almost pick one up when i'm browsing the candy and magazines in the grocery store checkout line :)

Sonya said...

I miss the planning too!